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Boz Scaggs


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Greetings all

When I was picking through tracks trying to decide on something to start the week, my natural inclination was to go back into the dark recesses of the archives, yet I was met time and time again by the siren song of something brand new.

Not long ago, while searching for something else entirely (as is often the case)I happened upon a completely unexpected cover version of a familiar song.

I first heard Aaron Neville’s original version of ‘Hercules’ (written by Allen Toussaint) close to 15 years ago on an old Charly Records CD comp of New Orleans soul and funk.

The song –a very tasty groove indeed – lodged in my consciousness soon after when I realized that the original 45 – of which there are very few – had become a sought after disc among collectors of my ilk.

While I have never encountered a copy myself, I remain on the lookout.

That said, while seeking something else Toussaint-related, I came across a listing for a cover of ‘Hercules’, by none other than Boz Scaggs.

Now, if you grew up in the 70s (like me, for instance) the sounds of Mr Scaggs were inescapable. He had a number of big hits in the decade, including groovers like ‘Lowdown’ and ‘Lido Shuffle’.

It was only many years later that I discovered that he had a much deeper history, having recorded his first solo records in the 60s, and spent time as a sideman with the early Steve Miller Band.

When I discovered that Scaggs had covered ‘Hercules’, I set out in search of a copy of the record, which proved both easy and cheap.

Appearing on his 1974 LP ‘Slow Dancer’, Scaggs’ version of ‘Hercules’ is very groovy indeed.

Though it lacks some of the heat of the NOLA-based OG, it comes awfully close.

Produced by Johnny Bristol with arrangements by HB Barnum, this version of ‘Hercules’ is a funky, slow burner.

Scaggs takes the song at a slightly slower pace than Neville, but the groove here is deep indeed. The addition of strings gives this version a slightly smoother, nighttime vibe.

As far as I can tell, Boz Scaggs’ ‘Hercules’ has remained largely unnoticed for the last 40 years, instead of heating up dance floors, where it should have been. I suspect that this has something to do with Scaggs’ (somewhat undeserved) reputation as a middle-of-the-road pop artist.

Give this one a spin and then pass it on to someone who will dig it.

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  1. Margaret Stockert says:

    I just saw Boz Scaggs at Portland,Oregon’s Waterfront Blues Festival.He was the highlight of the weekend for me.He played “Loan me a dime” in it’s entirety.

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