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Welcome to the FUNKY16CORNERS Blog (MKIII).

Brief History

This is the third incarnation of the Funky16Corners Blog. It originated in 2004 on Blogger, and moved to WordPress (the free blogging service) two years later because Blogger was an unreliable piece of shit.

WordPress was fantastic, easy to use and reliable. I stayed there another three years, until they went on a tear shutting down MP3 blogs (without warning) for what I can only assume were DMCA/copyright notices. Funky16Corners wasn’t shut down (or threatened) but I wasn’t about to have five years of work go into the toilet, so I decided to figure out how to set up the blog on my own server using the WordPress platform.

So far, so good.

I have been writing about music in various forms (zines, newspapers, e-zines, blogs) since the mid-80’s. The Funky16Corners blog started in November of 2004 to focus on funk and soul vinyl. Since mid-2006, in addition to individual MP3 tracks, I have been posting mixes under the title Funky16Corners radio. Most MP3s and mixes will be available for a few weeks.

Posting Policy

Most song files are available for only 10 days. Please do not request re-uploads, either by comments or email.

Any and all legitimate requests for soundfile removal will be respected immediately. Email funky16corners@gmail.com to register a concern.


Suggestions for new posts can be mentioned in comments or via email, but  I generally have a huge backlog of material to post, so they rarely be honored.


If it makes sense re subject matter/affinity I will add your site to the blogroll. I generally go through the links every few months and sites that are either abandoned, or have not posted new content in a few months may be dropped.

You can also check out the Funky16Corners WebZine.

You can contact me at funky16corners@gmail.com

All written contents copyright 2013 Larry Grogan

66 Responses to “About”

  1. Henry says:

    Thanks Larry. Your picks take the gray out of any day.

  2. DJ Gort says:

    In Tony C’s installment “Dance The Jerk”, there is a tremendous tune by Vicki Anderson called “I Love You”. I can’t find it anywhere. Could you send me an mp3 of this soul classic? Sincere thanks!

  3. Margaret Summers says:

    Hello Larry and soul fans!

    Many of you might remember Marva Holiday, a songwriter with Jobete, Motown’s publishing arm. Marva not only wrote for Jobete, but she also recorded some singles, including one that’s become popular on the Northern Soul circuit, “It’s Written All Over My Face.”

    Starting this July 2015, Marva is relaunching her singing career. She is working on a remake of the 1967 Bee Gees’ classic “To Love Somebody.” Singing with her on the CD is Joseph Chambers, who was the lead singer with The Chambers Brothers (“Time Has Come Today”). She will follow the release of the single with a CD album which will include new songs she has written as well as remakes of other classics.

    But she needs help to fund her music project. Marva has set up a crowdfunding website, where you’ll find details about the project and how much she’ll need to raise to complete it. The link is:


    Check it out, and contribute whatever you can. Thanks.

  4. Lyn says:

    This goes way back. You posted “Right On” by The Willy Cole (on Phil-LA of Soul) in 2008 and asked if anyone knew about them. Probably one guy, Bill Coleman, who is on the label as writer & producer. He was (prob. still is) British, a multi-instrumentalist from Leicester, led 60s British beat band The Foursights, was in US from mid-60s, later musical director for Brit pop star Helen Shapiro, played bass with Kenny Ball. Strange but true, but I somehow figured out this is the same guy. His sister Bess was a journalist (and songwriter) who did PR for The Beatles. My page that touches on this: http://www.poparchives.com.au/63/ray-brown-the-whispers/go-to-him

  5. Lyn says:

    Oh wow! Larry, I now find that you have already encountered the story of The Foursights but might not have made the Bill Coleman connection. You posted about it here in 2007: https://ironleg.wordpress.com/2007/09/18/the-london-knights-go-to-him/ The defunct website you mentioned there was probably Foursight member Tim Airey’s page. He wasn’t aware of the London Knights release until I sent it to him, maybe 10 years ago, when I first researched the Aussie version.

  6. Hi Larry,

    You have a beautiful blog! From one classic blogger to another, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. There are very few classic bloggers that blog about entertainers of color. Come to think about it, not that many classic bloggers are as diverse either! Please, please please keep it up! We desperately need keep the memory of our classic history alive, before they are sucked out of existence via the digital era.


  7. Larry says:

    Thanks very much!

  8. Christine says:

    Hi Larry,

    I discovered your WordPress site today while searching for information about a song. That was several hours ago and I’m still listening to music and discovering amazing tracks I never knew existed. I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work!



  9. Scott Magee says:

    Hi Larry

    HUGE fan of F16C, I’m a radio dj on Portland’s KMHD 89.1fm and also the band leader for Ural Thomas & The Pain. Ill assume you’ve heard his UNI records from 1967, “Pain Is The Name Of Your Game” “Whole New Thing” & “Can You Dig It”?

    Have you ever considered posting one of his records? We also recorded a new LP on Mississippi Records this past year, it’s excellent and I would be happy to send you one.

    Peace and Love!

    DJ Cooky Parker

  10. Scott Magee says:

    our new version of his deep soul ballad

  11. Dirk Bill says:

    This site is tremendous! That you would put so much work into this music is much appreciated.

  12. giorgio laghi says:

    Ciao Larry. I begin study the trumpet. So i m looking for funky midi music files to extrapolate the trumpet part. do you know a site or a person who help me? or do you know a site where i can find funky sheet music? thanks in advance

  13. I create music, I made this funky disco song, I would like it if I could listen to it https://open.spotify.com/track/4fKBK1zWlD06hQw5uzqnk3?si=miOzx9F-R7qGAGENkERrLA

  14. David says:

    Thanks you Larry for all you do.

  15. Slideharp says:

    You got me with the Hammond B3. A terrific piece of work.

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