Stanley Turrentine – Home Town

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Stanley Turrentine


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Greetings all

The tune I bring you today is something low key, yet very groovy indeed.

I tend to like my soul jazz with a slightly harder edge, yet every once in a while you get a class act like Stanley Turrentine, dipping his toe (or his saxophone) into the water just a little bit, sprinkling the fine compositional (and arranging) talents of Thad Jones with just a pinch of groove grease.

The tune in question ‘Home Town’ comes from Turrentine’s 1968 Blue Note LP ‘Always Something There’.

Though the album by and large is a little easy for my taste (they lay the strings on kind of heavy, and not in a good way), there are some cool covers and the horn arrangements are very nice in a purely jazz context.

The one marked exception, not quite anomalous but edging outside of the mellow bag just a touch, is ‘Home Town’.

Opening with some brass harmonies, the band (a tentet with Turrentine out in front) states the theme, before settling into the groove around the 1:15 mark where you get to hear Kenny Burrell on guitar and Bob Cranshaw on bass pushing the whole outfit forward.

Turrentine gets to lay down a great solo, and the rhythm section (including Hank Jones on piano and Mickey Roker on drums) really lay into it.

The overall sound reminds me of the kind of stuff that Quincy Jones was putting out around the same time.

I dig it, I hope you do too, and I’ll see you all on Friday.

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  1. Ray says:

    this tune sounds a lot like
    Cannonball Adderly’s “Work Song”

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