Funky16Corners Christmas: J Hines and the Boys – A Funky X-Mas To You

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Greetings all.

As the posts of the next few weeks will attest, I actually made an effort this year to gather some holiday-appropriate 45s in preparation for Christmas. Previous years have seen me discussing my malfeasance in this regard, but as the years have passed, I’ve made a slow, almost imperceptible k-turn, making sure that I stuff my Christmas crate as full as possible so that the blog and the radio show are both properly stocked.

I actually enjoy Christmas-oriented soul and funk, and god knows there’s plenty of it out there for those that are willing to explore.

I actually found today’s selection out in the field, whilst digging with my son.

There were already a couple of J Hines (with the Boys and the Fellows) 45s in my crates, so when I encountered ‘A Funky X Mas To You’, I had to grab it sight unheard (as it were).

Hines was very interesting character, coming out of the Carolinas to work with Roy C up in the NY area (there’s a great piece on him at Red Kelly’s Soul Detective site), recording a handful of 45s in the late 60s and early 70s.

He actually had a minor R&B hit with the extremely funky ‘Camelot Time’ (as J Hines and the Fellows) in 1973, making it to #71).

Though I haven’t been able to find a reliable discography, it would appear that ‘A Funky X Mas To You’ was probably issued in the early 70s.

Featuring Hines’ swinging guitar, and some groovy lyrics (“A big black Santa Claus,with a funk sack on his back!”), the song also features some nice horns and organ.

I really dig it a lot, and thought it’d be a great selection to kick off our holiday selections this year.

I hope you dig it too, and I’ll see you all on Wednesday with some more.


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