Alley Pat – Pat’s Rubber Band

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Alley Pat


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Greetings all.

The record I bring you today found its way into my crates years ago via the advice of the mighty Agent45.

Alley Pat was in fact James Patrick, a long time Atlanta radio fixture (and one time bail bondsman for civil rights figures!) who was nearing 60 when he made this record (is this senior citizen’s week?).

I originally picked up the 45 because I had assumed that it was tied in with the string of New Orleans/Gulf Coast ‘Rubber Band’ records (Eddie Bo, Meters, Curley Moore and the Kool Ones) from 1970/71.

As it turns out, this ‘rubber band’ stretches several years into the future, closer to the Spinners ‘Rubber Band Man’ and Bootsy’s Rubber Band, both from 1976.

Though sitting right in the middle of the disco era, ‘Pat’s Rubber Band’ is good and funky, with tight rhythm guitar, popping bass, electric piano, punchy horns and some sexy girls on the background vocals. The song was written by Alley Pat, along with Atlanta soul men Tommy Stewart and Calvin ‘Funky Way’ Arnold.

Pat drops in here and there with some funny patter (I’m not 100% sure but it sounds like he might reference ‘Shelly’s Rubber Band’* which would connect this to the first round of ‘rubber band’ 45s) no doubt polished by years of experience on the radio.

It’s a groovy one, and a little harder to find and more expensive these days.

I hope you dig it, and I’ll see you all on Friday.

Keep the faith



*”Shelly” , in Curly Moore and the Kool Ones ‘Shelly’s Rubber Band’ was another DJ, New Orleans radio man Shelly Pope



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