Bo Diddley – Wrecking My Love Life

By , August 4, 2013 1:10 pm


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Greetings all

Welcome to another week here in the land of vinyl.

The disc I bring you today is something I picked up while I was out digging last year.

You all know that I hold Bo Diddley in the highest possible esteem.

He was a gunslinger, surfer, scooter owner and general badass, as well as one of the architects of the one true rock and roll.

Though there are those that will boil him down to his essence, that being the famous “beat”, there are others (like me, for instance) who know what a truckload of manure that is.

Bo made a LOT of amazing music in his career (some of it beyond amazing, like cornerstone of modern music amazing) but unfortunately, outside of collectors of vinyl (on the deep side), much of his later catalog is not well known.

The track I bring you today is (believe your ears or not) from 1967, where it appeared on the flipside of the decidedly non-boogaloo-ish, ‘Boogaloo Before You Go’.

‘Wrecking My Love Life’ packs a metric ton of swagger into its two minutes and 47 seconds, with a thick, spicy bouillabaisse of echoey, reverbed guitar, harmonica, and female backing vocals.

The first time I heard this one, I had to go back to make sure that it wasn’t an earlier side being reissued because it sounds like 1962, holed up in a bunker where 1967 keeps a knockin’ but can’t get in.

The record stomps arounds like some kind of R&B kaiju, crushing buildings, cars and tanks under its massive feet.

Solid stuff from the master, and one I think you’ll want to play over and over again.

I hope you dig it, and I’ll see you on Wednesday.

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3 Responses to “Bo Diddley – Wrecking My Love Life”

  1. Morgan says:

    Nice find. I have never heard that before. I was listening to a bunch of my Bo singles the other day and was noting how few had the “Bo Beat”. Cheers.

  2. porky says:

    Poor guy never got the respect he deserved–even with the spelling on the EP jacket!!

  3. Larry says:

    Holy crap! I didn’t even see that!

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